What makes your soul happy? Are you living your dreams? What is your role in the story of the Universe? How can you reclaim your creative spirit?

Welcome to my Blog! I want this to be a place for both those who know me and those who don’t to familiarize themselves with what I am up to, the what and who and how of my inspiration and the details of my explorations through life, particularly in relation to the global collective, lifestyle choices, and creative living. I also want this to be a space for others to feel comfortable to explore, to share, and to comment… I value questions, feedback and discussion and would be delighted to have this be a space for participation, interaction and connection. My vision is to collaborate to create positive change ~ to inspire and facilitate quality of life ~ to guide individuals to experience more of what they do want and less of what they don’t want. I look forward to sharing of myself and staying connected with you as I embark upon each day as my next great journey… With eager anticipation I step forward – committed to building my global community, developing new perspectives, and truly enjoying the brilliance and bounty that graces my each and every day…

What is one simple change you can make today to realign with your values? Is there one thing you can do right now to ignite that spark that lights up your eyes and energizes you from within? What choice can you make today to support the effortless unfolding of your life?