A not so brief report of a magical day: Although it started out quite early, it was a day of grace. I arrived at CHOMP at 5:45am to rendezvous with Dad and Randy (adopted Uncle). After morning chats and an unexpected and delightful encounter with Preston Sault – security officer on duty and ex-BSVFB – Pops was whisked away for his electrocution. At 9am I received a clear voice requesting my presence for pickup. He was out, awake and ready to go…

Jill and I became rest wardens for the day. First a leisurely breakfast at Anne Kelley’s (now Marilyn’s) By the Lake – ahhh what memories of living on 1st Street. πŸ™‚ Then we wandered downtown in the half-light of a cool gray day. We decided upon a movie at Osio: Steep – Stories of Extreme Skiiing. Laden with treats, we enjoyed at an almost private Tuesday afternoon matinee – only two neighbors who were so friendly we shared chocolate with each other. When was the last time you were in a theater in the middle of the day – much less the middle of a week day? For me, I think maybe 6th grade… I highly recommend it! Upon leaving the theater we gushed our awe about the feature film – exciting, awesome, stressful – were among the descriptions. I found the movie an impactful reminder of the innumerable lifestyles available to us at every moment… These folks elected some of the more adrenaline packed and outrageous lifestyle options.

As it was pointed out in the movie – We can either live life like a lamb OR we can live life like a lion. Does it have to be either/or? What if we didn’t lean extreme in either direction but pulled on those influences from a more circumstance oriented position.

On with our day: We continued our less adrenaline influenced afternoon with a casual wander around the neighborhood. As we meandered slowly toward Lake El Estero we were surprised by a fellow walker – Mr. Micah – on his way back to work at Josselyn’s Bike shop. Micah, friend and past roommate, always brightens my day with his charming, bright and fun demeanor. Upon reaching the lake we heard a shout-out. By divine grace, there was Trina Hammack – hollering at us from her truck – with whom I had completely forgotten a 3pm appointment. It was 2:30 – not late/just in time. Off we went for an introductory tour of her new wellness center – Cornerstone Wellness on the top of Cass Street in Monterey.

Trina and Ulisses, a health and wellness team and part of our extended family, had been trying to coordinate appointment time with Dad for months. I relinquished my 3pm appointment happily until another day and he was hooked up to Trina’s quantum biofeedback machine to have his energetics addressed. Jill was tucked neatly into an O2 Steam Unit and I lay contently on the massage table to rest and keep her company. Pops was recalibrated. Jill was steamed. I was elated.

From there we split ways. Jill and I continued our day of grace with dinner at Pizza My Heart – Hawaiian pizza and Root Beer for me – Big Sur combo and Coke for her – and a walk through the neighborhoods across Spaghetti Hill. Dad journeyed back down the coast for a meal of Mom’s infamous Tofu Quiche – I know it doesn’t sound exciting but it tantalizes the taste buds like you wouldn’t imagine. Maybe she will let me post the recipe… πŸ˜‰

A gracious day focused on family, friends and great self-care…

How do you prioritize your activities? Do you practice self-care?

Is there one thing you could do right now or today to treat yourself lovingly?