Have you ever baked sweet treats using black beans before? How about agave nectar? I’d never even heard of baking with black beans despite many quirky cooking escapades over the years, and agave nectar, although it is gathering force as an eminent sweetener, I have yet to use in any sort of organized dish. Well this morning I came across this recipe on another of my favorite blogs 101Cookbooks: AMAZING BLACK BEAN BROWNIES. It sounded too intriguing not to try. Tomorrow is the birthday of a certain somone for whom a sugarless, flourless treat will be appreciated. The ‘black bean brownies” are baking now and I’ll tell you if the batter is anything to go by they will undoubtedly be a hit.

Heidi’s Swanson’s Blog 101 Cookbooks featured the recipe:

She lifted it (with permission of course) from Ania Catalano’s new book: Baking with Agave Nectar available on Amazon.

How will they be? Check back for an update…