What does this season represent for you? Spring has brought for me a renewed sense of aliveness. The sun is shining longer and brighter and warmer. The flowers are exploding. Knee high grass fills fields seemingly overnight. Spring is a time when much of the world pokes it head out of hibernation and returns to cycles of evident growth. What do you want to grow this Spring? Are you a gardener eager to plant seeds in the soft earth of your garden? I bought myself tidy little packets filled with the promise of new growth – carrots and beets, sweet peas and sugar snap peas. But there are other ways and other places to tend new growth. Would you like to create something new for yourself this year? Are you ready to bring new life into existence? Define your vision. Tend to it just like a garden and watch it flourish as the year progresses…

What is one thing, large or small, that you would like to see flourish in 2008?

What action can you take today to fertilize this dream?