As many of you know I have a love affair with the library and audiobooks. I check out bagfuls at a time and listen to them on my long drives. For the last several days I’ve been listening to Jane Fonda’s autobiography My Life So Far. Having grown up knowing her as aerobicizer – Queen of Leg Lifts. I was clueless to her activist history. She has lived a remarkable life, and as I continue to listen to the details, I admire many facets of her path, In particular, I am struck by her passion and involvement with the issues she believes in. I feel inspired to connect deeply with my values and I feel motivated to get involved, to volunteer and to speak up. Most of all listening to her autobiography makes me consider who I look up to, who and what I am inspired by and then who and how I might be inspiring to others…

Who are the role models and/or mentors in your life?

How are you a mentor/role model for others?

How are your choices affecting others? Is your lifestyle a life affirming model?