Did you know that many critters are revered for their essential spiritual qualities?
Ted Andrew’s book Animal Speak is a terrific reference when you find yourself wondering about the significance of certain creatures in your daily life. This weekend ants reared their lovely little heads. They crawled up out of the floor, up the wall and then just rambled aimlessly about. Unfortunately, several (plus a few) found their way into my bed. I even brushed one off my forehead while reading. Enough is enough – I’ve invited them to go somewhere else – Even my kitchen is more acceptable than my bed! Like spiders – I am comfortable coexisting until I find them in my bed or on me…

I decided, since I am looking for signs and messages and meaning everywhere these days, that I would see what my favorite animal totem expert had to say.

Andrews says that ants represent: industriousness, order and discipline.

Ants are social and they are community-oriented. There is discipline and order… everyone knows his or her place.

The ant – a skilled architect – represents one’s ability to construct his or her own life. Ants show us how with persistence great success is possible.

Andrews says: “Ants can teach you how to harness your own power to design and recreate your life and it’s circumstances from the ground up. The ant can show you how to best work with others for the good of everyone. Ants teach us that regardless of circumstances, if the effort is true, the rewards will follow… “

Examine your own industriousness, Andrews says.

Are you disciplining yourself enough to accomplish the tasks at hand?

Are you laying a good foundation?

Are you being patient with your efforts? yourself? others?

Are you making things greater and more difficult than they need to be?

(Andrews, 2001)

After reading the wisdom of ant energy, I look at my little friends with slightly more fondness. I would still rather not have them in my bed. AND I definitely do not want them crawling on me. However, I appreciate their industriousness. I can learn from that. I’ve been deeply interested in community-building, conscious-community, creative-community, etc… Discipline, without a doubt, keeps me on track when I wander astray. And I know that I am currently making things far more difficult than they need to be! Ahhh… that surrender thing again! 😉 Effort, discipline, industriousness, focus, commitment, design, harnessing of power, order, persistence, patience, collaboration, creation – all required – minus the attachment, the need to control and the exhaustive self-doubting.