My friend Kerry drove down from Oakland on Wednesday to share good girl time. She was my nearest and dearest during our final quarters at JFK. Then our paths diverged. She began Life West Chiropractic and I returned to the Monterey Peninsula. Her friendship is angelic and I miss seeing and sharing with her regularly!

Wednesday was a GLORIOUS spring day. As soon as she got into town we packed up water and snacks and headed over to the coast. Soberanes Loop Trail.

Meandering through the canyon,

redwood sorrel blooms dance with cabbage moths


A blush of wildflowers as we ascend upwards toward the infinite blue sky


After a long, lazy chatter-filled hike, we glided off to Trader Joe’s for wine and cheese and snacks…

Asilomar Sunset


… And then back to my cozy little cottage for hot showers, refreshments and more long talks.

How do you address feelings of discomfort in your life? What role does the practice of inquiry play in your daily existence? If you’ve popped out of your “groove” or feel separated from the “flow” of life, how do you reconnect with feelings of grace?

Thursday began overcast, and as Kerry is on springbreak, sleeping in was a no-brainer. We are both deep in places of discomfort, indecision, imminent change and conscious transformation. Therefore the day was a continued exploration of our “stuff”…

A quiet introspective morning.

An awesome hike up to Snively’s Ridge in Carmel Valley.

Lupines. Buttercups. Yellow violets. Gooseberries. Red Velvet Ants (a wasp actually, not an ant). 360 degree views. Heaven on Earth.

My souls feels fed. My life looks brighter. My blues washed away at least temporarily. Clarity not necessarily restored, however I feel relieved of my struggle. Why struggle? How would my experience be different if I stepped away from my ego? Maybe it’s not all about me! How would my experience be different if I truly let things unfold rather than trying so assertively to make things – something – anything – everything happen? Can I let go of my need to control – even for a moment – and surrender to the magic that I know is waiting just around the corner…?