Sambosa Diamond Meditation Center

Have you ever been to a Buddhist religious service? How about a talk on Buddhism? My friend Mike and I were inspired to investigate a small local Buddhist temple Sunday morning. Feeling a little unsure of ourselves and this new experience we arrived early. The gardener a super friendly fellow welcomed us immediately and ushered us inside. We were greeted by a lovely Asian woman and a friendly monk who spoke only enough English to tell us that he didn’t speak any English. They encouraged us to explore until the service began… After a brief wandering we found ourselves the most delicious sunshiny spot on the front deck and chatted casually with the gardener. When the time arrived for the service, we reluctantly left our basking and went inside to claim a spot among the small, mostly Asian gathering. For the next two hours we chanted, prayed, meditated, breathed, prostrated, bowed, and generally worshiped Buddha/God/Divine Spirit. When was the last time you were in a totally foreign environment? Have you ever participated in something in which you knew nothing about? Do you practice divine worship? I was fascinated and had little idea of what was truly going on. It had been suggested that for the Sunday “Dharma” talk there would be a translator. Nope. Regardless, when we left over two hours later, I was a puddle of peace. I went right home for a snack, a sweet nap and later a hike. This is what every Sunday morning should be like!

Do you reserve Sundays as sacred? Do you have a Sunday ritual? Do you worship or attend a religious service? Are you a part of a religious or spiritual community?

Upcoming Sundays that I have available I plan to explore our local spiritual community. First up – The Unitarian Universalist Church of Monterey County

Additional suggestions? Would you like to join me? šŸ™‚