How does the weather affect your mood? Last Sunday I enjoyed heaven on Earth. A breathtaking day! Warm, soft air. Brilliant, golden sunshine. I felt expansive. Loving. Inspired! It was rumored to be in the 90’s. This Sunday forecasts a high of 58 degrees. Today – cold, dark and gray and then later bright with a bracing wind. I was glad to be inside warm spa rooms and left work to immediately return home to the depths of my cozy bed. Neither expansive nor inspired.

Sunrise from Cooper Point

A Glorious Sunday

I long for rich, warm, luxurious days. Still, soft air. Long, golden rays. I am powered by blue skies and bright sun. I feel guilty complaining about the weather when I have loved ones still wrapped in ribbons of winter in Oregon and in Maine. I yearn for more – more warmth, more sun, strappy sandals, whispy sundresses, bare skin…