Are you a mother? How are you celebrated? And how do you love and honor your Mother on Mother’s Day? Do you appreciate her the rest of the year?

We’ve counted six separate deaths in the past ten days and many in our small community are in mourning. With this in mind, time shared with loved ones feels particularly precious. Family time on Mother’s Day was especially poignant this year. We were particularly aware of the fragile and tender nature of life. While it can be strong, vibrant and determined, our life force can also be so easily be extinguished at any given moment – through one’s own choice, through another’s hand or through God’s own will.

It makes me consider deeply those treasured beings whom I have the fortune to share with daily and the many others who I hold dear in my heart yet see irregularly or rarely at all. I LOVE you!!!!

Do you appreciate your friends and family? How do you show them? What can you do today to reach out and express your care and appreciation for those you love? What would you do or say today if you knew they weren’t going to be here tomorrow?

Sunday was magical. Cooper Point was blowing gale force winds with arctic temperatures but we bundled up to enjoy an afternoon of family, food and fun. Jill, Dad, me and of course Mom. Peach champagne (my current favorite celebratory drink a la Trader Joes), olive bread and cheese, and Lula’s chocolate caramels. A walk along the ridge. Dad at his best with grilled filets, parsley potatoes and salad. A new dessert recipe Cherry Almond Gratin (thanks to my favorite foodie site) served with vanilla-swiss almond Haagan-Daz ice cream. Yum!!! Russian Rummy. A slumber party with Jill but up at dawn so she could get back to Santa Cruz. 5am gratin and coffee, morning talks with Dad, and then a few more morning zzzzz’s to prepare for a long day…

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Treasured Moments!!!