June 2008

Live first by what you treasure…

Monterey Rec Trail

This has been the best and longest birthday celebration ever!!! The fun continues… with delicious meals, delightful visits and abundant serendipity. I feel blessed by the time and attention that has been gifted me. Thank you!!!

Carmel Highlands

Carmel Mission Ranch

” When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”

~ Rumi

Can you feel that river moving now? What do you need to do today, this week, to feel the movement, the river, the joy? How can you make more soulful choices?


Last week I had the pleasure of an evening at Monk’s Wine Bar in Chico with a group of particularly brilliant ladies. The event – a farewell for my beautiful friend Ashley. She and her family are relocating from her hometown back to where she and her husband first met – Taos, New Mexico.

While at Monk’s I had the opportunity to mingle with artist extraordinaire Caitlin Scherwin. Check out her work at www.caitlinshcwerin.com. I LOVE it!!!

The pieces are both intricate and simple, the colors rich, the media eclectic. I stepped away from viewing her artwork feeling moved, both thoughtful and laughing. Laughing?

How does art stir memories for you? Does it evoke emotion? Do you feel inspired?

Caitlin and her bright and vibrant pieces touched me and left me feeling upbeat and motivated to create, to connect and to go out and live more fully. Check her out!!

These are not my fabulous words. They belong to Alex Beauchamp.

However, at the risk of inappropriate borrowing of ematerial I feel compelled to share them. They are simple and brilliant and deserve to maintain their integrity – check out www.hyggehouse.com or www.alexthegirl.com to view the complete blog. I would love to post this excerpt in big bold font on my wall. Brilliant!!!

Please go out there and do.” she says. “Live. Don’t be the same as yesterday. Don’t live vicariously online. Don’t use language that has no meaning or talk ideas you don’t really live. Don’t hide. Don’t copy others or live their ideas or life. Don’t fear doing your thing. Don’t fear doing. Instead of reading a decorating magazine, paint that room. Instead of thinking of baking, do up a cake. Run, walk, bike. Put that self help book down and pick up yourself.

Let go of the snark, your worries, your anger and fear and give into possibility, action, joy and life. Do. Do some more. Stop thinking about you. Stop blogging about just you and your kid and your pet. There’s a world out there to connect to, really connect to and email doesn’t count. Being of use is more important than being popular. Think about the lady down the street, the person at the drive through, the man fallen in the street, about politics, the environment, healthcare, another country and then do something about it. Never stop at thinking.

Dream big, work harder. Have lots of fun, lift a finger, do something for someone else. Cheer your friends on. Cheer yourself up. Celebrate as much as possible. Enjoy everything. Right now. It’s OK to want more and do more but be present with where you are or who you are with. Don’t rush the situation – even if it’s bad. Move on when you can. Don’t settle. Try everything you can and get over everything holding you back.

Go outside. Go outside yourself. Make a difference, make some change. Don’t complain about someone unless you’re talking to that someone. Don’t complain about a situation you’re not willing to make better. They don’t have it better and you don’t have it worse. Don’t make excuses. You’ll never see possibility if you do. And you’re smart and worth more than settling for a life of complaining and limitation.

Hope. Hope more. Give someone else hope. Get healthy and contribute to a healthy environment. Think about everything you do, you buy, you say. Only be lazy on Sunday and even then, be conscious. Rest is useful, giving up is not.

Live with a light heart. Play more. Remember what it’s like to be seven. Remember to listen to a seven year old because you just have more words and life experience, not necessarily more wisdom. Have more questions than answers and don’t put everything into words. Sometimes just feel things and be. Be quiet more often, listen harder, talk exactly as you mean to.

Strive for your best and not what you think someone else’sbest is. Follow through. Don’t let others down. Don’t let yourself down. You are better than your circumstances. Ask for what you’re worth. Make magic happen don’t wish for it. Don’t envy others’ lives, envy yours. Live it fully. Teach by example how to live well, how to be treated, how to be kind, how to be alive.

Do. I can’t stress that one enough. Take action on your life. Make the change. No more sulking, waiting, thinking, reading, talking about. It’s time. You’re ready.”



Thank you Alex Beauchamp. It is with the highest respect and delight that I share your work here. Your blogs, your lifestyle, your photography, your championing of creativity and women – inspire me to step up and out, to be and do more. Thank you!

Santa Cruz with Kerry, Brian and Zeke

I turned thirty-two last weekend. May 24th, 1976. The last few weeks have been busy with fun, friends, family and festivities. From my camping trip the weekend before to Jesse arriving from Portland, bottles of champagne, visits with loved ones, a dessert and wine affair, a day with the Pinney’s and more visits with loved ones, both here and there. It has kept me busy laughing, playing and reconnecting with the “ME” that I realized I had lost.

Ride the Wild Chicken!

Champagne Toast to ME!

At Las Rocas with Trina, Ulisses, Kinam, Mom, Dad and Jesse

Wine and Dessert at Jenny and John’s with the CUTEST puppy ever!!!

Four Gemini’s in this bunch!!!

Chico with Ashley

How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you take the time to honor and claim this as your special day? What one thing can you do for yourself or a loved one to acknowledge this anniversary of the day they joined us in the world? How can you incorporate more celebration, ritual and reverence into your life?

How can you have more FUN?!