Santa Cruz with Kerry, Brian and Zeke

I turned thirty-two last weekend. May 24th, 1976. The last few weeks have been busy with fun, friends, family and festivities. From my camping trip the weekend before to Jesse arriving from Portland, bottles of champagne, visits with loved ones, a dessert and wine affair, a day with the Pinney’s and more visits with loved ones, both here and there. It has kept me busy laughing, playing and reconnecting with the “ME” that I realized I had lost.

Ride the Wild Chicken!

Champagne Toast to ME!

At Las Rocas with Trina, Ulisses, Kinam, Mom, Dad and Jesse

Wine and Dessert at Jenny and John’s with the CUTEST puppy ever!!!

Four Gemini’s in this bunch!!!

Chico with Ashley

How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you take the time to honor and claim this as your special day? What one thing can you do for yourself or a loved one to acknowledge this anniversary of the day they joined us in the world? How can you incorporate more celebration, ritual and reverence into your life?

How can you have more FUN?!