Last week I had the pleasure of an evening at Monk’s Wine Bar in Chico with a group of particularly brilliant ladies. The event – a farewell for my beautiful friend Ashley. She and her family are relocating from her hometown back to where she and her husband first met – Taos, New Mexico.

While at Monk’s I had the opportunity to mingle with artist extraordinaire Caitlin Scherwin. Check out her work at I LOVE it!!!

The pieces are both intricate and simple, the colors rich, the media eclectic. I stepped away from viewing her artwork feeling moved, both thoughtful and laughing. Laughing?

How does art stir memories for you? Does it evoke emotion? Do you feel inspired?

Caitlin and her bright and vibrant pieces touched me and left me feeling upbeat and motivated to create, to connect and to go out and live more fully. Check her out!!