Harkness Preserve – Rockport, Maine

John, Mary Jane and Miles the Black Golden Doodle

Harkness Preserve

I had set aside this Sunday morning with a plan to attend church. At the last minute, I lost my gumption and decided I wasn’t up for going alone. Church attendance requires company, a friend to make it an adventure, to chat about it later, a social, and connecting event… Instead I enjoyed a quiet, gray, wet morning inside. This afternoon, after yet another nourishing lunch provided by John and the appearance of the sun, we piled ourselves along with Miles into the car and walked the small and forestry trail at Harkness Preserve. This lovely and restorative day was finished with more food a la chef John. My body, mind and spirit are being nourished here in sweet Camden.

Thank you John and Mary Jane for sharing your beautiful home and your beautiful selves with me. You are truly angelic beings and I feel so grateful to have been graced with your presence in my lives! XO