The days are shortening. The sky is bright and clear.  The air is fresh and leaves crackle on the ground. Summer is winding down. Labor Day has come and gone and so have the summer people. I’ve been told the leaf-peepers will be arriving soon but I don’t believe I’ll be around to see them..

Like a migratory bird my inner compass is directing me westward.

I considered, I explored,  I thoughtfully examined my options… Camden, ME, Newport, RI, New Haven, CT, Boston, MA, NYC… Where will I hunker down for the winter?

I’m captivated with the emerald hues and golden days of summer in New England, but as it wraps up and heads into the brisk transition of fall, I yearn again for startling mountains dipping down to the sea, for green grassy shadows in February, and warm December days at the beach. California dreamin’ in my blood…

Why do you live where you live? Do you love it? Why have you chosen this location? If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?