October 2008


How well do you listen to yourself? To others?

Buddhist philosopher Thich Nhat Hahn says “to love means to listen. Listening is a very important practice. There is a voice calling us and it wants us to listen. It may be that our body is calling us and wants us to listen to our body. It may be our feelings that are calling us and want us to listen to them. It may be our perceptions are calling and want us to listen. It is very important for us to pay attention to the voice. The capacity of listening to ourselves is the foundation of the capacity of listening to others. The capacity to love others depends on the capacity of loving ourselves.”

How well do you practice self-love? How well do you feel you share your love with others?

Do you listen to yourself? Do you listen to those you love?


East to West – 4,000+ miles – 12 Days – Returning to California

Camden, Maine

New Hampshire


New York


Youngstown, Ohio

Omaha, Nebraska


Fort Collins, Colorado


Taos, New Mexico

Prescott, Arizona

Imperial San Dunes, California

San Diego


I am blessed beyond words by beautiful people and beautiful places. To each of you – again – THANK YOU!!!

It’s not often that we are allowed time to rest and repair. It feels like a guilty indulgence and necessary self-care. What does it mean to practice retreat? Through the embrace of such love and beauty I feel present to the world again. I feel moved beyond measure and I feel inspired… above all I feel reconnected to my essential beingness… and available to step back into mindful, conscious living.

What would life be like if retreats were requisite behavior?

I LOVE the open road!!! Although I dislike commuting, I adore road trips. I love to see new places, view unfamiliar territory and drive across broad expanses and over beckoning backroads throughout our beautiful country.

I bought a Prius in February. Her name is PenelopeAnne. In a mere 8 months I’ve already put over 20,000 miles on her. She’s been North to Portland, South to San Diego and East to Maine and back. Thank goodness for hybrid technology – I LOVE this car!!! Gas prices peaked in early summer and it cost me $350 to drive from California to Maine. In October it cost me even less…

How much time do you spend behind the wheel? Do you love the open road? What sort of vehicle do you drive? What are your monthly gas expenses?