How do you start your day?

My inspirational friend Ana of Devana Wellness drinks gloppy green goodness for breakfast. She also happens to be an impetus for my signing up with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. When visiting with her over the summer she made a jar full of vibrant green, farm-stand fresh breakfast smoothie and offered to share. As someone who wasn’t particularly consistent with breakfast habits much less potent greenery, I wasn’t quite up to speed with her advanced recipe. I did however enjoy a modified beginners version and immediately felt the vital energy it evoked.

The day before Thanksgiving, committed to practice good eating habits over the holidays, I picked up big bunches of fresh herbs and greens. For the past few days I’ve enjoyed a nourishing morning green drink. One version I especially enjoy looks like this…


1 banana

1 handful blueberries, mint and spinach

Almond milk


Fresh, delicious and energizing!!!

Do you eat breakfast? What does it look like? Do you consume a healthy portion of vegetables each day? Would you consider incorporating them into your morning palette?