Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs Personality Test? What are you? The official version is often fee-based however there are several free options online that give you a good sense of what you are…

I always love learning more about myself. My Meyers-Briggs personality assessment seems to support that!

I’m INFJ and  fit easily into the descriptions. INFJ is the Mystic which makes up only around 1% of the population. We are a rare breed. 😉

INFJ’s are intuitive, idealistic, sensitive, service-oriented, creative and very, very complex – So complex in fact that we often befuddled ourselves. (I imagine most of you that know me will get a good laugh at that… LOL) We are simultaneously dreamers and doers, practical visionaries,  great communicators, particularly through writing, and good listeners. We are devoted to what we believe in,  seek meaning in everything, and need to feel as though what we do aligns with our values and ideals.  Rather than a job, we thrive through having a vocation which considers the emotional and spiritual need of people and which  is big-picture oriented, impactful, meaningful and garners us respect and admiration.

Our relationships with friends and lovers are not taken lightly and are often intense and always meaningful. Although INFJs can sometimes be mistaken as an extrovert we are most definitely introverts and always operate best one-on-one or in small groups.

INFJs abhor conflict and find it disagreeable and destructive. They partner naturally with ENTP and ENFP.

What is your personality type?

For fun info and loads of information google Myers-Briggs… and be sure to let me know what your personality type is!!!

(Much of the above description was obtained from www.typelogic.com)