January 2009

I’m packing up for New York City – Weekend Two. It feels like there has been barely time to catch my breath and two weeks have gone by.  I’m saturated with information from  the first weekend  but ready to gobble up more. New York temperatures are predicted slightly warmer… I’ll continue to enjoy my faux-fur-fringed, wearable sleeping bag for at least another couple of twenty and thirty degree New York days.

I miss Courtney already. I wish we were staying together on 69th Street. This weekend will be my second of ten places and I’m excited for the newness yet there is something so comforting about a grounded friendship and familiarity. What will it be like to stay at my cousin’s beautiful apartment in the West Village? How will it be to take the subway alone each morning to Lincoln Center?

I fly Virgin again. I love their individual seat-back, satellite TV service.

Have you ever ridden the Bay Area’s BART? I’m going to hop on at the Bay Point Station out by Antioch and ride it in Friday morning… Brand new experience! If the website is correct there should be free airport parking, a one-way fee of less than $15, and its scheduled to arrive direct at SFO within approximately 90 minutes….

As for the contents of  my suitcase – I feel fairly confident about what I need to bring. I did great last time and was able to pack everything in carry-on. My goal is to do this every time – How small can I make my sleeping bag?! 😉

Wish me luck – May Weekend Two be as magical and energizing as Weekend One. Look for a full report next week!!!


A few weeks ago I got the crazy and spontaneous idea to run my second marathon. As friends have lovingly pointed out I am not generally of the methodical sort. I tend to operate more like a butterfly flitting from one passion to the next, one beautiful moment to the next, one brilliant bloom to another. But training for a marathon is methodical. And I LOVE it!!! I’ve mapped out my days, my mileages, my regimen. I’ve set weekly goals and am racking up my miles. I feel good. I feel GREAT!!!! And in just a few short months – May 31st to be exact – I’ll be dancing to the 26.2 mile beat of the San Diego Rock N’ Roll Marthon!!! Anyone care to join me?! 😀

Are you a runner?  Tips? Techniques? Equipment recommendations? Places to run in New York City?




I have been very diligent about shopping less and when I do with more intentionality but I couldn’t help to feel a good case of the wants today when I came across the newly discovered jewelery of husband and wife team Ashley Lowengrub and Dara Gerson. Committed to both environmental and social responsibility Alkemie Jewelery uses 100% reclaimed metals among other practices. I have a particular longing for their owl cuff bracelet – quirky, fun, thoroughly unusual and my animal totem. .. 🙂

Weekend One – New York City – 1.17/18/19/20.09

Here I am on another adventure…  My wild and far reaching yearnings are back full force…  2008 included my first trip abroad – Espana – and then both an east and west-bound x-country trip, in addition to many shorter forays. 2009 includes so much more…

In particular, I’ve begun a photojournalism project to enhance my experience with IIN. I have ten trips to New York City scheduled in the first half of the year. What an opportunity!!! I plan to stay ten different places, take pictures, craft stories, explore neighborhoods, experiment with travel options, make new friends, cultivate connections, practice the art of lifestyle design, cultivate creativity, up my sophistication factor, and generally challenge my sense of self, independently and in relation to others. Are you interested in participating? How about a collaboration? Are you a New Yorker? Or familiar with New York? Or a lover of travel? Do you know anybody who would be interested to host an inspired dreamer? Do you have suggestions for either the east, west or x-country legs of the journey? I’m excited beyond measure and bursting with energy. Here I am an intrepid visonary living on my beloved West Coast, engaged in an inspiring professional training with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, aligned with more than 1500 other amazing people committed to wellness and healthy living and embarking on the journey of a lifetime… an opportunity to explore and immerse in the pulsing vitality of New York City. How did I get so lucky?


Snowing. Temperatures into the single digits. Colder than cold.  Central Park Ave. Deicing the plane.

Virgin America’s personal media center. Flight with Penha and Natalie. Staying with Courtney at Chad’s apartment.


New friends. Private car service. Well-planned layers. Fancy new winter jacket. Cozy. Snug. Energized. Grateful.


Perfect space. Quiet. Restful. Hot showers. Soft, feathery snowflakes. Sunrise views reflected in the glass windows of neighboring skyscrapers.

Five blocks to Lincoln Center. Brisk and beautiful morning walks. Smiling, friendly New Yorkers.

Marion Nestle. Victoria Moran. Bernie Siegel. Walter Willet. Robert Notter.

Student Leaders.


Whole Foods New York – Breathtaking crowds!!!

Thai Basil. Kushio’s Sushi.

Travel with snacks. Oatmeal and a to-go mug. Lara bars. Ginger and Peppermint tea. Nuts and fruit. The squirrel diet.

The One Train to West Village with Courtney. Subway + airtrain to JFK with Nathalie.

Down vest donated to TSA? Lost somewhere in New York?

SFO long-term parking. International terminal. 7 hours on the plane.  2 more in the car.

Let the beauty you love be what you do.

~ Rumi

I’ve just returned from an amazing first weekend with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City!!! I’ve joined 1500 other like-minded people from around the world committed to improving the health and happiness of Americans which therefore radiates around the world.

Being healthy is NOT complicated!!!

IIN respects bio-individuality.

IIN remains neutral –  Different foods work for different people.

IIN promotes primary foods as well as edible foods.

Primary foods include the myriad ways we nourish ourselves – for example – relationships, work, intimacy, sexuality, love, spirituality, family, hobbies, etc…

IIN practices deconstructing cravings:

What is the underlying imbalance?

What is going on for me?

How is my body trying to recreate balance?

IIN values healthy, wholesome, fresh, preferrably organic foods.

Simple is best.

Cooking is an art form.

Food is for sharing.

How can your food nourish you and your relationships?

Treat everything like it matters.

Everything is an opportunity.

IIN offers excellent tools to provide wellness services for clients to recognize how food and lifestyle affect health, happiness and quality of life.

As a wellness coach I am excited to support you to identify and achieve your health and personal goals.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions…

Thank you!!!


How wonderful to enjoy breakfast with friends!!!

A charming Carmel cottage…

A soft, sunny Saturday morning…

A fun, boisterous group of women…

Wholesome food made with love…

Veggie scramble…

Purple potatoe hash…

Fresh fruit salad…

Mint/lemon verbena tea…

These sorts of days should be on the calendar more regularly!!!