Weekend One – New York City – 1.17/18/19/20.09

Here I am on another adventure…  My wild and far reaching yearnings are back full force…  2008 included my first trip abroad – Espana – and then both an east and west-bound x-country trip, in addition to many shorter forays. 2009 includes so much more…

In particular, I’ve begun a photojournalism project to enhance my experience with IIN. I have ten trips to New York City scheduled in the first half of the year. What an opportunity!!! I plan to stay ten different places, take pictures, craft stories, explore neighborhoods, experiment with travel options, make new friends, cultivate connections, practice the art of lifestyle design, cultivate creativity, up my sophistication factor, and generally challenge my sense of self, independently and in relation to others. Are you interested in participating? How about a collaboration? Are you a New Yorker? Or familiar with New York? Or a lover of travel? Do you know anybody who would be interested to host an inspired dreamer? Do you have suggestions for either the east, west or x-country legs of the journey? I’m excited beyond measure and bursting with energy. Here I am an intrepid visonary living on my beloved West Coast, engaged in an inspiring professional training with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, aligned with more than 1500 other amazing people committed to wellness and healthy living and embarking on the journey of a lifetime… an opportunity to explore and immerse in the pulsing vitality of New York City. How did I get so lucky?


Snowing. Temperatures into the single digits. Colder than cold.  Central Park Ave. Deicing the plane.

Virgin America’s personal media center. Flight with Penha and Natalie. Staying with Courtney at Chad’s apartment.


New friends. Private car service. Well-planned layers. Fancy new winter jacket. Cozy. Snug. Energized. Grateful.


Perfect space. Quiet. Restful. Hot showers. Soft, feathery snowflakes. Sunrise views reflected in the glass windows of neighboring skyscrapers.

Five blocks to Lincoln Center. Brisk and beautiful morning walks. Smiling, friendly New Yorkers.

Marion Nestle. Victoria Moran. Bernie Siegel. Walter Willet. Robert Notter.

Student Leaders.


Whole Foods New York – Breathtaking crowds!!!

Thai Basil. Kushio’s Sushi.

Travel with snacks. Oatmeal and a to-go mug. Lara bars. Ginger and Peppermint tea. Nuts and fruit. The squirrel diet.

The One Train to West Village with Courtney. Subway + airtrain to JFK with Nathalie.

Down vest donated to TSA? Lost somewhere in New York?

SFO long-term parking. International terminal. 7 hours on the plane.  2 more in the car.