I’m packing up for New York City – Weekend Two. It feels like there has been barely time to catch my breath and two weeks have gone by.  I’m saturated with information from  the first weekend  but ready to gobble up more. New York temperatures are predicted slightly warmer… I’ll continue to enjoy my faux-fur-fringed, wearable sleeping bag for at least another couple of twenty and thirty degree New York days.

I miss Courtney already. I wish we were staying together on 69th Street. This weekend will be my second of ten places and I’m excited for the newness yet there is something so comforting about a grounded friendship and familiarity. What will it be like to stay at my cousin’s beautiful apartment in the West Village? How will it be to take the subway alone each morning to Lincoln Center?

I fly Virgin again. I love their individual seat-back, satellite TV service.

Have you ever ridden the Bay Area’s BART? I’m going to hop on at the Bay Point Station out by Antioch and ride it in Friday morning… Brand new experience! If the website is correct there should be free airport parking, a one-way fee of less than $15, and its scheduled to arrive direct at SFO within approximately 90 minutes….

As for the contents of  my suitcase – I feel fairly confident about what I need to bring. I did great last time and was able to pack everything in carry-on. My goal is to do this every time – How small can I make my sleeping bag?! 😉

Wish me luck – May Weekend Two be as magical and energizing as Weekend One. Look for a full report next week!!!