March 2009

National Geographic’s Green Guide for Everyday Living has a special section called Go Local.

Click on it and you can type in your zip code – up comes a comprehensive list of green businesses. Little ol’ 93940 had 15 pages of listing. Of course this included businesses as far out as Carmel Valley and as far up as Santa Cruz… but still… Great resource.

What it didn’t have was what I was looking for:

I need a new dentist, a new women’s wellness doctor and an accountant.

I’m interested in supporting eco-conscious, re-source-ful, integrative professionals that

operate client-centered, value-based practices… Any suggestions?


How ready are you for the right person? Instead of looking for a date April Beyer suggests why don’t you try living. Instead of hiding at home behind a computer why don’t you get out there and exercise your social skills? Instead of having a very specific focus and aiming for a target of marriage what if you were to enjoy the process, enjoy living, and look within yourself? Instead of rushing from here to there chained to your tech gadgets, what if you practiced lingering, and connecting with people that captured your interest? What if you practiced reaching out, striking up conversation, and putting yourself out there? What if we looked within for why we don’t have a partner rather than looking outside of ourselves? Beyer suggests we are a culture trained to live in our heads. We over-think and under-feel. What if we listened to our feeling brain? How would dating and ultimately long-term relationships be different? Check out this interesting video-clip where she talks briefly about dating in our 30’s.


Have you considered making a smaller imprint on our lovely mother earth? In a consumer-based culture what are you doing or what could you do to lessen your personal impact? As I explore some my new roles in wellness, I am more and more interested in how to be diminutive with my use of resources. How can I provide a great product and excellent service and at the same time build an eco-business?

Today I came across an interesting site that promotes green office materials. As a health counselor, I offer a wealth of information in the form of handouts and giveaways. It’s a fun idea that can feel like you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. However, it’s not mother-earth friendly. I realized today I want to offer excellent service while at the same time practicing eco-conscious consumerism.

The brilliance of a computer and telephone based business is that resources are spared in many ways. When my clients and I meet from the comfort of our home we save gas, we save travel time, we save potential purchases when we are out and about. Most of the forms can be emailed and then either saved or printed on recycled paper. However no business is without a paper trail… I want to make intentional choices whenever and whereever I can.

What are you willing to do to lessen your earthly imprint?

Can you offer suggestions for simple green business practices?


Things I Loved About Weekend Four

Chad’s apartment – Truly DIVINE!!!

Staying with Courtney

Waking up early and walking to the corner coffee shop to meet new friends

Saying Hi to the camera guy in front of ABC Studios

My student leader group

John Douillard

David Avocado Wolfe

Teri Kennedy

Vanessa Barg – Gnosis Chocolate

“Super  Counselor” organic raw chocolate bar

Walking, talking, eating and resting Saturday night

Kushio’s sushi lunch special

Walks up and down Columbus Avenue

Exploring Manhattan streets

GIANT double chocolate-chip cookies from the underground bakery on W. 74th Ave

My many fabulous IIN classmates


Cuban food and walks through the wildness of Times Square

What a gift and opportunity I have been given. I continue to treasure my good fortune. How, in the midst of the chaos of America, have I been able to commute to New York to participate in this program? While the world is turning upside and inside out, I am flying on the grace of God. Thank You!!! I thank my lucky stars and all of my supporters who are enabling my participation in this once in a lifetime experience.

What once in a lifetime experiences are you grateful for? What dreams have  you longed to make a reality? What’s holding you back? What makes you feel excited to jump out of bed in the morning? Are you taking excellent care of yourself?

Chocolate Lover’s Dream

Are you a chocolate lover? Are you a foodie? This weekend I had the pleasure of being introduced to the most nutritiously delicious chocolate ever. It was AMAZING!!! Vanessa Barg, chocolatier extraordinaire, health counselor and alumni of  The Institute of Integrative Nutrition gave us each a bar of handmade organic, raw chocolate created especially for our class. Entitled the “Super Counselor” bar it included Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter, Agave Nectar, Goji Berries, Pau D’Arco, Cat’s Claw, Ashwaghanda, Holy Basil, Reishi Mushroom, Crystal Manna Algae, Vanilla Bean and Love.

It was GLORIOUS!!!

Chocolate Heaven packed full with superfoods!

If your interested to know more or find a supplier near you check out this lovely woman’s website


IIN – Weekend Three

Whew! The days and weeks have slipped by…  How is it that I’m already gearing up for Weekend Four and have barely caught my breath from Weekend Three. Each weekend has been more exhilarating than the previous!!!

Sally Fallon contrasted with Neal Barnhard. Raw meat, raw milk, sacred foods, traditional cultures, whole foods, full fat, cod liver oil, enzymes, fermentation, beneficial bacteria, omegas, unrefined salt, bone broths vs. veganism and vegetarianism. No meat, no animal products. Lynn Goldstein digestion. Rodney Fisher, IIN alumni, inspired us with his success, and the always engaging Robert Notter rallied us to success.

Oodles of information. Inspiring. Motivating. Exciting.

My mind is erupting with thoughts and ideas.

New friends. Familiar friends. Walks. Lunches. Expanding with each other.

I look forward to the next few weeks to collect myself…. Off I go again! 🙂