IIN – Weekend Three

Whew! The days and weeks have slipped by…  How is it that I’m already gearing up for Weekend Four and have barely caught my breath from Weekend Three. Each weekend has been more exhilarating than the previous!!!

Sally Fallon contrasted with Neal Barnhard. Raw meat, raw milk, sacred foods, traditional cultures, whole foods, full fat, cod liver oil, enzymes, fermentation, beneficial bacteria, omegas, unrefined salt, bone broths vs. veganism and vegetarianism. No meat, no animal products. Lynn Goldstein digestion. Rodney Fisher, IIN alumni, inspired us with his success, and the always engaging Robert Notter rallied us to success.

Oodles of information. Inspiring. Motivating. Exciting.

My mind is erupting with thoughts and ideas.

New friends. Familiar friends. Walks. Lunches. Expanding with each other.

I look forward to the next few weeks to collect myself…. Off I go again! 🙂