Things I Loved About Weekend Four

Chad’s apartment – Truly DIVINE!!!

Staying with Courtney

Waking up early and walking to the corner coffee shop to meet new friends

Saying Hi to the camera guy in front of ABC Studios

My student leader group

John Douillard

David Avocado Wolfe

Teri Kennedy

Vanessa Barg – Gnosis Chocolate

“Super  Counselor” organic raw chocolate bar

Walking, talking, eating and resting Saturday night

Kushio’s sushi lunch special

Walks up and down Columbus Avenue

Exploring Manhattan streets

GIANT double chocolate-chip cookies from the underground bakery on W. 74th Ave

My many fabulous IIN classmates


Cuban food and walks through the wildness of Times Square

What a gift and opportunity I have been given. I continue to treasure my good fortune. How, in the midst of the chaos of America, have I been able to commute to New York to participate in this program? While the world is turning upside and inside out, I am flying on the grace of God. Thank You!!! I thank my lucky stars and all of my supporters who are enabling my participation in this once in a lifetime experience.

What once in a lifetime experiences are you grateful for? What dreams have  you longed to make a reality? What’s holding you back? What makes you feel excited to jump out of bed in the morning? Are you taking excellent care of yourself?