How ready are you for the right person? Instead of looking for a date April Beyer suggests why don’t you try living. Instead of hiding at home behind a computer why don’t you get out there and exercise your social skills? Instead of having a very specific focus and aiming for a target of marriage what if you were to enjoy the process, enjoy living, and look within yourself? Instead of rushing from here to there chained to your tech gadgets, what if you practiced lingering, and connecting with people that captured your interest? What if you practiced reaching out, striking up conversation, and putting yourself out there? What if we looked within for why we don’t have a partner rather than looking outside of ourselves? Beyer suggests we are a culture trained to live in our heads. We over-think and under-feel. What if we listened to our feeling brain? How would dating and ultimately long-term relationships be different? Check out this interesting video-clip where she talks briefly about dating in our 30’s.