Have you ever heard of Dr. Mercola? How about Brian Tracy?

Dr. Mercola advertises “the world’s most popular natural health newsletter.” It is chock full of all sorts of tips and information. I noticed one particular article today by Brian Tracy that discussed attitude. I had never heard of this man so I Googled him. It looks like he is a SUPER coach and specializes in helping you achieve your personal and business goals. Have you heard of him? I went ahead and signed up for some of his emails and will keep you updated…

The article that caught my interest was entitled Four Steps to a Super Attitude.

I am a firm believer that we each get to choose how we want to experience our life. Throughout every day we can react unconsciously, or we can choose to respond consciously.

Tracy suggests that we are responsible for our attitude and to achieve the greatest levels of success choose a great one!

When life becomes challenging, are you able to focus on the future rather than the past?

Can you let go of the past and instead focus your energy on how you want things to be?

When you encounter difficulties can you put your attention on solutions rather than dwelling on the problem?

Tracy reminds us that solutions are inherently positive and problems are inherently negative.

Be solutions-oriented and you become a more positive and constructive human being.

Can you look for the positive?

Can you have the mindset that there are gifts inherent to every set of problems?

Can you approach the world assuming the bigger the problem the bigger the gift awaiting you?

Can you find the lesson?

Can you assume that wherever you are, in whatever situation you are in, it is exactly the right place?

Can you see your challenges as opportunities to learn and grow?

You are completely capable of choosing your experience, of consciously creating a positive mental attitude and of achieving whatever level of personal and professional success you desire.

Check out www.briantracy.com and www.mercola.com for more inspiration!

Good luck!!!