September 2009


What is your current living situation like? Do you love where you live?

How does your home environment affect your daily life?

What is one thing you could do today to improve your immediate living circumstances?

Way back in February I knew change was imminent… The Shoebox era was coming to a close… Here is what I wrote about my upcoming move long before I had any idea what it would actually look like… a solid testament to the wonderful ways of manifestation.

“I’m getting ready to move – again… It’s become almost like an annual migration. Like a gypsy, or a bird, or a butterfly… The seasons change, the energy shifts, Arianna gets new wings, new ideas and off she goes again.

Each time I move I learn more about myself, more about my place in the world, more about others, and much, much more about the value of my environment. I’ve experienced a wide, wide variety of living arrangements. I’ve become flexible, adaptable and significantly more adept at knowing what I works well for me and what doesn’t.

I’ve lived alone. I’ve lived with MANY. I’ve lived with men, women, boyfriends, sisters, couples, family, friends and new faces. I’ve had pets, plants, and views. I’ve lived in warm houses, cold houses, trailers, cabins, apartments, college dorms, studios, bottom floors, and top floors. I lived in California, Alaska, British Colombia and Maine. I lived in Ecuador for a month above a jazzercise and a mini-market, with a roof-top kitchen and out-door concrete laundry basin. We washed our clothes under puffy white clouds with expansive views of the city, sharp green mountain peaks, and endless skies.

I’ve been blessed by abundance, serendipity and wonderful connections. Moving has felt scary and exciting, daunting, doubtful and energizing. It has always worked out.  And generally in ways more wonderful than I could ever have imagined.

“The Shoebox” era is coming to a close… In the next few months – by July to be specific – I will be entering a new phase. I want to live in a house. I like living with others. The right roommates. I want to share a home with one to a few who are fun, respectful, healthy, active, communicative, open-minded and willing. I want big windows, bright sunshine, open space, a user-friendly kitchen, a bath tub – a private bathroom would be great! So would a big closet (s). I want cats and a dog (s), a garden to putter in – tomatoes, peas, carrots and squash, herbs, and berries.  I want quiet, peaceful, relaxing, friendly, and comfortable, shared cooking and meals, cleaning duties and chores. I want a fireplace and skylights. Quiet and safe – a nurturing, restorative, easy place to call home.

The Berkeley Hills? Carmel? Monterey? The North Bay? San Francisco?

Where will my next home be?

I love being able to walk out my door for a run or  hike. I love hills and views. I love south facing windows and well-built homes.

I’m excited for the unfolding…  and look forward the change. Thank you!!!”

In July I actually moved. From The Shoebox to The Dream Boat. It’s not in Berkeley or the North Bay, San Francisco, Carmel or Monterey. It not in San Diego or any of the other places I thought I might land. It’s in Big Sur. Can you imagine?!!! Here I am… I had no idea!!! And its perfect!!!

The Dream Boat: On the coast with a peek of the ocean, walking distance to work, hills and views and hikes out my door. Gorgeous big windows. Many. Brilliant sunlight. Abundant. Open space. A lovely little kitchen and a perfectly petite bathtub. It boasts a superb sleeping loft. Cozy and spacious. There is giant redwood deck and earth just calling out to be planted. It is almost everything I asked for and more.

I love it!!! I’m still in disbelief that Big Sur is home. I wake every day in awe that this is where I live. Perfectly, exquisitely grateful for my current abode… I feel so blessed!!!

…Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…



How brilliant of me… somehow this evening I lost not one but TWO lengthy posts. That’s what I get for trying to enjoy so many things at once.  Like so many other things in life, my blogging also benefits when I am fully present…. Focus. Attention. Creative Inspiration.

What suffers in your life when you are scattered in too many directions?

Do you notice how your experience is different when you are fully present?

What can you do right now to bring yourself back into the moment?


I lost my kitten Friday morning. Olivia was almost six months old. We had made a deal. I promised her her freedom. She got to live her best life. We live on the edge of the woods. Predators abound. I wanted to keep her in. I worried whenever she was out. Coyotes. Bobcats. Mountain lions. So many big animals eager to enjoy a tender kitten snack. Warm, balmy nights glazed in silver moonlight. She has been particularly restless. Friday morning just before dawn I let her out to play. She was on the deck when I heard it. A large animal. Another deer? And then I heard her little meow. Surprised and then distressed. I flew out of the loft where I had been reading. Outside I caught the last of the crashing as a large critter bounded off into the woods. Quiet. No Olivia. No! No more Olivia.


But I had promised her. Freedom. A rich and joyful life. Rather than confinement, she had a happy cat life. Still all I wanted to do was cry… I have the BEST friends!!! Big hugs, kind words, texts, gentle love… Thank you!!!  The attention has been really helpful!!!

I went away. That was helpful too. Denial? Distance? I pretended it wasn’t real. I purposefully ignored the empty Dream Boat. No feline friend awaiting my return. I enjoyed an entirely lovely weekend. Sister time. Friend time. Adventures in the North Bay. Massage appointments in the East Bay. Perfectly relaxing. Restorative. Abundant. And then it was time to go home.

Little angel of laughter and light…. I love you.

The Dream Boat feels so quiet and empty.

Do you have pets?

What lifts you up when you are feeling down?

How do you take care of yourself when you are feeling sad?