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Disclaimer: I’ve been so deeply immersed in the magic of life I’ve neglected my posts!!!I’m back in ACTION!!!

In May I spent a week in New York with a friend. Weekend 6 was at the Beacon Theater – What a GORGEOUS venue!!! Geenen Roth and Dr. Andew Weil were two impactful speakers. I enjoyed the conversations on body image, body dysmorphia and eating disorders as well as healthy aging and integrative medicine.

There is NO correlation between being thin and being happy!!!

Geenen Roth reminded us that what we resist in some way defines our life and that the way we eat is the way we live.

How you do anything is how you do everything!!!

Dr. Andrew Weil reminded us that we do no have a healthcare system, we have a disease management system.

We spend more than any other country, we pay more and we have less to show for it.

Health is a personal responsibility!!!

Dr. Weil’s definition of Integrative Nedicine:

1. Healing self – the body has a system for healing it’s self down to the DNA molecules.

2. Human beings are whole persons not just physical bodies.

3. All aspects of lifestyle are important to consider.

4. The practitioner/patient relationship is central to healing (That relationship has been destroyed by for-profit medicine).

Weekend 7 zoomed by so fast I could hardly catch my breath.

Did you know that an estimated 120,000 people die per year from medical errors?

Julia Cameron – a favorite author of mine – spoke about the practice of morning pages.

The body is a perfect bio-computer.

If you are eating artificial, chemicalize food you will have an artificial, chemicalized life!

When was the last time you enjoyed a family meal?

What we eat is influenced by who we eat it with.

Where is your food coming from? How many miles has your food traveled to get to you?

Howard Lyman – The Mad (Vegan) Cowboy

If you are a part of the herd all you ever see is the asshole of the guy in front of you.

I deserve to have an AMAZING life!!! I accept it!!! Now!!!

Happy. Healthy. Prosperous. My life keeps expanding!!!


Institute for Integrative Nutrition – Weekend Five – New York City


What do I want to do with this wonderful life of mine?

Our food choices change the way we live our life.

What do I feel passionate about?

Eating well is not just about personal health but also the health of our Earth.

Dr. Barry Sears

The Zone Diet

Anti-Inflammatory Diets


More people die each year from taking the correct prescription of anti-inflammatory drugs than die from AIDS.

Dr. David Katz

NuVal – Nutritional Scoring System

Nutrition Detectives

Dr. Mark Hyman


The Institute for Functional Medicine

The most powerful tool in the world is your fork!

Food choices contribute more to global warming than cars.

Food is information.

Rethink what disease is and how to treat it – Depression is NOT a Prozac deficiency!

We are asking the WRONG questions!

Eat clean food!!!

National Geographic’s Green Guide for Everyday Living has a special section called Go Local.

Click on it and you can type in your zip code – up comes a comprehensive list of green businesses. Little ol’ 93940 had 15 pages of listing. Of course this included businesses as far out as Carmel Valley and as far up as Santa Cruz… but still… Great resource.

What it didn’t have was what I was looking for:

I need a new dentist, a new women’s wellness doctor and an accountant.

I’m interested in supporting eco-conscious, re-source-ful, integrative professionals that

operate client-centered, value-based practices… Any suggestions?


Things I Loved About Weekend Four

Chad’s apartment – Truly DIVINE!!!

Staying with Courtney

Waking up early and walking to the corner coffee shop to meet new friends

Saying Hi to the camera guy in front of ABC Studios

My student leader group

John Douillard

David Avocado Wolfe

Teri Kennedy

Vanessa Barg – Gnosis Chocolate

“Super  Counselor” organic raw chocolate bar

Walking, talking, eating and resting Saturday night

Kushio’s sushi lunch special

Walks up and down Columbus Avenue

Exploring Manhattan streets

GIANT double chocolate-chip cookies from the underground bakery on W. 74th Ave

My many fabulous IIN classmates


Cuban food and walks through the wildness of Times Square

What a gift and opportunity I have been given. I continue to treasure my good fortune. How, in the midst of the chaos of America, have I been able to commute to New York to participate in this program? While the world is turning upside and inside out, I am flying on the grace of God. Thank You!!! I thank my lucky stars and all of my supporters who are enabling my participation in this once in a lifetime experience.

What once in a lifetime experiences are you grateful for? What dreams have  you longed to make a reality? What’s holding you back? What makes you feel excited to jump out of bed in the morning? Are you taking excellent care of yourself?


IIN – Weekend Three

Whew! The days and weeks have slipped by…  How is it that I’m already gearing up for Weekend Four and have barely caught my breath from Weekend Three. Each weekend has been more exhilarating than the previous!!!

Sally Fallon contrasted with Neal Barnhard. Raw meat, raw milk, sacred foods, traditional cultures, whole foods, full fat, cod liver oil, enzymes, fermentation, beneficial bacteria, omegas, unrefined salt, bone broths vs. veganism and vegetarianism. No meat, no animal products. Lynn Goldstein digestion. Rodney Fisher, IIN alumni, inspired us with his success, and the always engaging Robert Notter rallied us to success.

Oodles of information. Inspiring. Motivating. Exciting.

My mind is erupting with thoughts and ideas.

New friends. Familiar friends. Walks. Lunches. Expanding with each other.

I look forward to the next few weeks to collect myself…. Off I go again! 🙂

A few weeks ago I got the crazy and spontaneous idea to run my second marathon. As friends have lovingly pointed out I am not generally of the methodical sort. I tend to operate more like a butterfly flitting from one passion to the next, one beautiful moment to the next, one brilliant bloom to another. But training for a marathon is methodical. And I LOVE it!!! I’ve mapped out my days, my mileages, my regimen. I’ve set weekly goals and am racking up my miles. I feel good. I feel GREAT!!!! And in just a few short months – May 31st to be exact – I’ll be dancing to the 26.2 mile beat of the San Diego Rock N’ Roll Marthon!!! Anyone care to join me?! 😀

Are you a runner?  Tips? Techniques? Equipment recommendations? Places to run in New York City?

Weekend One – New York City – 1.17/18/19/20.09

Here I am on another adventure…  My wild and far reaching yearnings are back full force…  2008 included my first trip abroad – Espana – and then both an east and west-bound x-country trip, in addition to many shorter forays. 2009 includes so much more…

In particular, I’ve begun a photojournalism project to enhance my experience with IIN. I have ten trips to New York City scheduled in the first half of the year. What an opportunity!!! I plan to stay ten different places, take pictures, craft stories, explore neighborhoods, experiment with travel options, make new friends, cultivate connections, practice the art of lifestyle design, cultivate creativity, up my sophistication factor, and generally challenge my sense of self, independently and in relation to others. Are you interested in participating? How about a collaboration? Are you a New Yorker? Or familiar with New York? Or a lover of travel? Do you know anybody who would be interested to host an inspired dreamer? Do you have suggestions for either the east, west or x-country legs of the journey? I’m excited beyond measure and bursting with energy. Here I am an intrepid visonary living on my beloved West Coast, engaged in an inspiring professional training with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, aligned with more than 1500 other amazing people committed to wellness and healthy living and embarking on the journey of a lifetime… an opportunity to explore and immerse in the pulsing vitality of New York City. How did I get so lucky?


Snowing. Temperatures into the single digits. Colder than cold.  Central Park Ave. Deicing the plane.

Virgin America’s personal media center. Flight with Penha and Natalie. Staying with Courtney at Chad’s apartment.


New friends. Private car service. Well-planned layers. Fancy new winter jacket. Cozy. Snug. Energized. Grateful.


Perfect space. Quiet. Restful. Hot showers. Soft, feathery snowflakes. Sunrise views reflected in the glass windows of neighboring skyscrapers.

Five blocks to Lincoln Center. Brisk and beautiful morning walks. Smiling, friendly New Yorkers.

Marion Nestle. Victoria Moran. Bernie Siegel. Walter Willet. Robert Notter.

Student Leaders.


Whole Foods New York – Breathtaking crowds!!!

Thai Basil. Kushio’s Sushi.

Travel with snacks. Oatmeal and a to-go mug. Lara bars. Ginger and Peppermint tea. Nuts and fruit. The squirrel diet.

The One Train to West Village with Courtney. Subway + airtrain to JFK with Nathalie.

Down vest donated to TSA? Lost somewhere in New York?

SFO long-term parking. International terminal. 7 hours on the plane.  2 more in the car.

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