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Have you ever heard of Dr. Mercola? How about Brian Tracy?

Dr. Mercola advertises “the world’s most popular natural health newsletter.” It is chock full of all sorts of tips and information. I noticed one particular article today by Brian Tracy that discussed attitude. I had never heard of this man so I Googled him. It looks like he is a SUPER coach and specializes in helping you achieve your personal and business goals. Have you heard of him? I went ahead and signed up for some of his emails and will keep you updated…

The article that caught my interest was entitled Four Steps to a Super Attitude.

I am a firm believer that we each get to choose how we want to experience our life. Throughout every day we can react unconsciously, or we can choose to respond consciously.

Tracy suggests that we are responsible for our attitude and to achieve the greatest levels of success choose a great one!

When life becomes challenging, are you able to focus on the future rather than the past?

Can you let go of the past and instead focus your energy on how you want things to be?

When you encounter difficulties can you put your attention on solutions rather than dwelling on the problem?

Tracy reminds us that solutions are inherently positive and problems are inherently negative.

Be solutions-oriented and you become a more positive and constructive human being.

Can you look for the positive?

Can you have the mindset that there are gifts inherent to every set of problems?

Can you approach the world assuming the bigger the problem the bigger the gift awaiting you?

Can you find the lesson?

Can you assume that wherever you are, in whatever situation you are in, it is exactly the right place?

Can you see your challenges as opportunities to learn and grow?

You are completely capable of choosing your experience, of consciously creating a positive mental attitude and of achieving whatever level of personal and professional success you desire.

Check out www.briantracy.com and www.mercola.com for more inspiration!

Good luck!!!


A wise man once told my wise dad …

Don’t Teach.

Don’t Preach.


How can you share of yourself today?


How well do you listen to yourself? To others?

Buddhist philosopher Thich Nhat Hahn says “to love means to listen. Listening is a very important practice. There is a voice calling us and it wants us to listen. It may be that our body is calling us and wants us to listen to our body. It may be our feelings that are calling us and want us to listen to them. It may be our perceptions are calling and want us to listen. It is very important for us to pay attention to the voice. The capacity of listening to ourselves is the foundation of the capacity of listening to others. The capacity to love others depends on the capacity of loving ourselves.”

How well do you practice self-love? How well do you feel you share your love with others?

Do you listen to yourself? Do you listen to those you love?

“I hope you’ll hear what I am about to tell you. I hope you’ll hear it all the way down to your toes. When you are waiting, your not doing nothing. You’re doing the most important something there is. You’re allowing your soul to grow up. If you can’t be still and wait, you can’t become what God created you to be.”

~ Sue Monk Kidd

In the last few weeks I’ve joined in prayer with Unitarian Universalists, chanted with Kundalini yoginis and wiggled and jiggled NIA style. It has felt good to practice with the divine, to stretch my mind and move my body. I want more…

What are your personal places of worship? Do you have a favorite class or group? What do you do to take care of your body? How do you nurture your spirit?

What does it mean to live in grace?

Do you have a daily spiritual practice? How do you cultivate inspiration? What does the word grace mean to you?

The Daily Om reminds me today of the beauty of grace. Living in the flow of surrender, gratitude and the everfolding…

A Glimpse Of Perfection
Living A Day In Grace

Grace is always with us. It flows like a river through our lives, artfully reminding us that there is magic and power beyond what our eyes can see. At times we catch its subtle beauty, like during chance meetings, near misses, and insights that seem to come from nowhere. Other times we experience grace in all its powerful surety such as when a job or relationship comes to an end. Though we may forget that this is grace at work too, it is indeed influencing our lives, helping us to move forward and take the next step. Grace exists in all situations, in every moment, yet all too often we may overlook its presence.

Imagine how it would feel to live an entire day in grace, to fully appreciate that your day is unfolding in absolute perfection. Whereas usually you might miss the magic in ordinary events and interactions, on this day you would recognize them all as little miracles. Perhaps you could begin with your first deep breaths in the morning, becoming aware that there is an abundant supply of air for you to breathe. Your lungs know just how to carry oxygen to your blood, and your blood knows where to carry it from there. This is grace at work. You might appreciate the brilliant sunshine, the warm summertime rain, or the possibilities for learning that greet you at every turn. You might notice the ease with which you do your job or laugh with a close friend. These things are also grace. Even laying your head down at the end of this day and resting in the stillness of night is grace.

With each opportunity you give yourself to enjoy this current of benevolence, you may discover a deeper peace. Your faith may strengthen and your heart may open. You might begin to wonder if struggle is really all that necessary after all. By living this one day in grace, you might open the door to many more.

May I continue the practice of allowing grace to infuse my days…

Asparagus Praying at Sunrise

Do you worship? Do you pray? When you think of God what is the image that comes to mind? Do you maintain a spiritual practice?

When I stand on the mountains tops mesmerized by the ocean and watch the sunrise, I know without a shadow of a doubt that there is more to life than I can ever begin to imagine. I feel small and insignificant. And I feel grateful. In the 4 billion years the earth is purported to have been alive, I am but a pinprick, a blip in history. And yet, my life to me is monumental. I live it everyday and I try to maintain this practice of gratitude. Some days however, I feel trapped by my stories, caught up in my ego and mired in an interpretation of my physical reality…

What helps you put your life into perspective? How do you take yourself out of the hustle-bustle to reassess your priorities? Are your values clear to you? Can you have reverence for and celebrate the magnificence of your unique existence?

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