How brilliant of me… somehow this evening I lost not one but TWO lengthy posts. That’s what I get for trying to enjoy so many things at once.  Like so many other things in life, my blogging also benefits when I am fully present…. Focus. Attention. Creative Inspiration.

What suffers in your life when you are scattered in too many directions?

Do you notice how your experience is different when you are fully present?

What can you do right now to bring yourself back into the moment?





For those of you local to the Monterey Peninsula, I’m sure you are familiar with  Sand City. I have a particular fondness for this little industrial, artsy, up-and-coming neighborhood. I want to live there in an upstairs apartment in one of the recently renovated, modern, concrete and glass, art studio/loft-like buildings. My dream place is even for rent, only $3300 a month for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath! Prince Charming where for art thou… 🙂

A little more affordable and far more realistic is a visit to The Ol’ Factory Cafe… Big windows, colorful art, excellent Chai lattes, an extensive beer and wine list, a full food menu, sustainable, eco-friendly aspirations, free Wi-Fi and a fireplace to boot… The list goes on and its sure to satisfy.  I am a big fan and look forward to the day when I can walk to my morning coffee from my artist loft…

Here’s the next week’s worth of happenings at The Ol’ Factory Cafe (from my inbox /e-update):

Sunday, 12/21  3pm

The Ol’ Factory’s 1st Annual Nog Off
Remember how much you loved that thick, gooey, sickeningly sweet pale yellow stuff in a carton when you were a kid?  Remember how you drank it right out of the carton when you thought no one was looking?  Well, that’s not what this is about.  Good egg nog is an art.  It’s made with real fresh eggs, lots of cream, just the right pinch of spices and flavorings, and booze.  In the past week it’s become apparent that several folks around here they make it better than anyone else.  Thus competitions are born.  Will it be Chef Todd’s “Todd Nog“?  Katy’s “Super Secret Family Nog“?  Morgan’s “Egg-squisite Nog“?  Come taste all of them and help us decide the winner of The Golden Whisk.  Or just throw shoes at the losers.
By the way, it’s not too late to enter your own creation.
Tuesday, 12/23   6pm
Christmas Prime Rib Dinner
Last week’s turducken dinner party was great.  Really great.  Great people, great food, just great.  So great, in fact, that we want to do it again.  And for those who couldn’t get reservations last week, this is another chance for us to have a holiday get together with you (although we’re pretty sure that some of the turduckenites will be back).  The request from many of you has been for a Christmas Prime Rib Dinner.  Done.  Chef Kevin and his crew have planned a traditional Christmas feast complete with Yorkshire Pudding, roasties, locally-grown vegetables, fresh horseradish root, and dessert (espresso creme brulee?) Of course, we’ll have some wonderful reds to pair with the meal, or better yet, one of our amazing malty Christmas ales…Gouden Carolus, Jewbelation, etc.  Can’t wait.
$23 per person.  Call fast for the remaining spaces…394-7336
Christmas Day,  9am to 9pm
The Factory will be open…sorta.
We’ll have the fire going, movies playing, and complimentary coffee for anyone who stops by.  Plus, we’ll stay open in the evening serving beer, wine and bar snacks as long as anyone shows up.  A chance to show off the new sweater and socks Santa got you.  Or the lump of coal.

Saturday, 12/27
Saturday Morning PJs & Toons

Come in any time before noon in your sleepwear (nudists always welcomed) and get 10% off a bowl of cereal — Cap’n Crunch, Trix, Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, that sorta thing.  Don’t forget the bunny slippers.  We’ll have some old cartoons playing just to help you feel young again.
7am to noon, every Saturday.

Monday, 12/29   6:30 pm
Monday Night Jazz at The Factory
A relaxed and casual open rehearsal session with the area’s premier jazz ensemble, ALONG CAME BETTY. Not a true concert, but a peek at the work it takes to get a band like ACBACB (Patrick, Paul, Pete, Brian) spends hours perfecting the original numbers written primarily by their keyboardist (Biff).
sounding great.
Wednesday, 12/31
New Year’s Eve!
Nothing planned.  However, if enough of you would like us to be open, we’ll be happy to do so.  A not-too-crazy evening around the fire with friends, hoping for a better year to come sounds pretty good.  Let us know…

Coming in 2009…
Our 2nd S.F. Beer Crawl
Sometime in mid-January (tba, but probably the 16th or 17th)
Our second annual S.F. Beer Crawl
Interested? Sign up now!
Inauguration Day Party
January 20th
Okay, picture it… a carnival-style dunk tank with the hapless potential dunkee wearing a George W. Bush mask.  And instead of baseballs thrown at the targetwe’ll be throwing…you guessed it… shoes.
We’re looking for the tank, you bring the loafers.

More info on all of this can be found at www.olfactorycafe.com

It’s time for CHRISTMAS BEERS!  From Belgium we have Delirium Noel, Gouden Carolus Noel, and St. Bernardus Christmas Ale on tap, and Affligem Noel in bottles.  And from the states we Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale on tap.  Ooh!  We also have Jewbelation Twelve (the only handle in the county!) from Schmaltz Brewing Co.  Phenomenal.

Everyone at The Ol’ Factory Cafe hopes that you have a good, peaceful, healthy, successful, stress-free 2009.  May your loads be lightened, may your health be good, may your children be blessed, and may your lives be improved.  We all deserve better than 2008.

And please keep telling your friends about us.

We’ll talk again soon (…says the Ol’Factory Cafe…)

Without love,
all worship is a burden,
all dancing is a chore,
all music is mere noise.

All the rain of heaven may fall into the sea —
without love,
not one drop could become a pearl.


What is a soul mate?

“…a partner with whom one shares values and a commitment to bring out the highest good in one another…”

“…a coupling of two people’s development into one path – so his development is as important to me as my own…” – Ellen Bustyn

… not only the love of my life, but the soul and inspiration that allows me to do my work… my partner in every respect… writer, thinker, artist, visionary…. my greatest teacher, my greatest friend…

Where are you? Can we find each other now?

Have you met your soul mate? Do you share your life with that person? Where did you meet your soul-mate?

Where o’ where has our sunshine gone?

Big House

My Petite Garden Abode

The charm of my quaint camper, the feeling of luxury camping, diminishes with day after day of cold rain… Summer sun please grace us again with your soft and tender rays.

I love my current arrangement. It is nurturing, cozy and communal feeling. I love the consistent companionship. It keeps my mental monsters in check. However, after multiple days of gray, wet 50 and 60 degree rain, I long for a room of my own. A warm, bright, quiet space with a big bed piled with soft blankets and pillows. A closet to store my belongings. A bathroom with a big soaking tub and a window with a view. I am enormously grateful for what I have and am reminded that they are appropriate only for summer. Fall and winter are right around the corner…

10 Things I Love about Mid-Coast Maine

1. Josephine’s – Lovely Fashion and Home Furnishings

2. The Market Basket – Gourmet Goodies

3. In Good Company – Fun with Friends

4. Monhegan Island – Classic Maine Art and Beauty

5. TJMaxx – Need I say more…?

6. Reny’s – Mainard Bargains

7. Mt. Battie – Camden Hills State Park- 360 degree views

8. Lake Meguniticook – Cool and Refreshing

9. Cellar Door Winery – Lincolnville Lovely

10. Beauchamp Point – Rockport – Evening Walks

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