How brilliant of me… somehow this evening I lost not one but TWO lengthy posts. That’s what I get for trying to enjoy so many things at once.  Like so many other things in life, my blogging also benefits when I am fully present…. Focus. Attention. Creative Inspiration.

What suffers in your life when you are scattered in too many directions?

Do you notice how your experience is different when you are fully present?

What can you do right now to bring yourself back into the moment?


I have a new fetish: The blogs of Alex Beauchamp.

Alex the Girl – Making the Ordinary Extraordinary Online Since 1995:

Anywhere & Everywhere – Making Ordinary Travel Extraordinary:

Girl at Play – She’s Creative. She’s Business. She’s Bona Fide:

Another Girl at Play – Women Entrepreneurs Sharing Stories of How They Made Their Dreams Real:

Girl’s Guide to the City Life – Sharing the World’s Best:

How She Sees the World – Showcase Photography:

Hygge House – Live Well. Live Simply. Live Hygge:

Pet the Pretty Things – Goods So Good You Can’t Keep Your Hands Off:

Explorer, artist, lover of fine things… Each blog has a different angle while they all maintain a similar flavor.

Enjoy! 🙂