Institute for Integrative Nutrition – Weekend Five – New York City


What do I want to do with this wonderful life of mine?

Our food choices change the way we live our life.

What do I feel passionate about?

Eating well is not just about personal health but also the health of our Earth.

Dr. Barry Sears

The Zone Diet

Anti-Inflammatory Diets


More people die each year from taking the correct prescription of anti-inflammatory drugs than die from AIDS.

Dr. David Katz

NuVal – Nutritional Scoring System

Nutrition Detectives

Dr. Mark Hyman


The Institute for Functional Medicine

The most powerful tool in the world is your fork!

Food choices contribute more to global warming than cars.

Food is information.

Rethink what disease is and how to treat it – Depression is NOT a Prozac deficiency!

We are asking the WRONG questions!

Eat clean food!!!