Disclaimer: I’ve been so deeply immersed in the magic of life I’ve neglected my posts!!!I’m back in ACTION!!!

In May I spent a week in New York with a friend. Weekend 6 was at the Beacon Theater – What a GORGEOUS venue!!! Geenen Roth and Dr. Andew Weil were two impactful speakers. I enjoyed the conversations on body image, body dysmorphia and eating disorders as well as healthy aging and integrative medicine.

There is NO correlation between being thin and being happy!!!

Geenen Roth reminded us that what we resist in some way defines our life and that the way we eat is the way we live.

How you do anything is how you do everything!!!

Dr. Andrew Weil reminded us that we do no have a healthcare system, we have a disease management system.

We spend more than any other country, we pay more and we have less to show for it.

Health is a personal responsibility!!!

Dr. Weil’s definition of Integrative Nedicine:

1. Healing self – the body has a system for healing it’s self down to the DNA molecules.

2. Human beings are whole persons not just physical bodies.

3. All aspects of lifestyle are important to consider.

4. The practitioner/patient relationship is central to healing (That relationship has been destroyed by for-profit medicine).

Weekend 7 zoomed by so fast I could hardly catch my breath.

Did you know that an estimated 120,000 people die per year from medical errors?

Julia Cameron – a favorite author of mine – spoke about the practice of morning pages.

The body is a perfect bio-computer.

If you are eating artificial, chemicalize food you will have an artificial, chemicalized life!

When was the last time you enjoyed a family meal?

What we eat is influenced by who we eat it with.

Where is your food coming from? How many miles has your food traveled to get to you?

Howard Lyman – The Mad (Vegan) Cowboy

If you are a part of the herd all you ever see is the asshole of the guy in front of you.

I deserve to have an AMAZING life!!! I accept it!!! Now!!!

Happy. Healthy. Prosperous. My life keeps expanding!!!