What is your current living situation like? Do you love where you live?

How does your home environment affect your daily life?

What is one thing you could do today to improve your immediate living circumstances?

Way back in February I knew change was imminent… The Shoebox era was coming to a close… Here is what I wrote about my upcoming move long before I had any idea what it would actually look like… a solid testament to the wonderful ways of manifestation.

“I’m getting ready to move – again… It’s become almost like an annual migration. Like a gypsy, or a bird, or a butterfly… The seasons change, the energy shifts, Arianna gets new wings, new ideas and off she goes again.

Each time I move I learn more about myself, more about my place in the world, more about others, and much, much more about the value of my environment. I’ve experienced a wide, wide variety of living arrangements. I’ve become flexible, adaptable and significantly more adept at knowing what I works well for me and what doesn’t.

I’ve lived alone. I’ve lived with MANY. I’ve lived with men, women, boyfriends, sisters, couples, family, friends and new faces. I’ve had pets, plants, and views. I’ve lived in warm houses, cold houses, trailers, cabins, apartments, college dorms, studios, bottom floors, and top floors. I lived in California, Alaska, British Colombia and Maine. I lived in Ecuador for a month above a jazzercise and a mini-market, with a roof-top kitchen and out-door concrete laundry basin. We washed our clothes under puffy white clouds with expansive views of the city, sharp green mountain peaks, and endless skies.

I’ve been blessed by abundance, serendipity and wonderful connections. Moving has felt scary and exciting, daunting, doubtful and energizing. It has always worked out.  And generally in ways more wonderful than I could ever have imagined.

“The Shoebox” era is coming to a close… In the next few months – by July to be specific – I will be entering a new phase. I want to live in a house. I like living with others. The right roommates. I want to share a home with one to a few who are fun, respectful, healthy, active, communicative, open-minded and willing. I want big windows, bright sunshine, open space, a user-friendly kitchen, a bath tub – a private bathroom would be great! So would a big closet (s). I want cats and a dog (s), a garden to putter in – tomatoes, peas, carrots and squash, herbs, and berries.  I want quiet, peaceful, relaxing, friendly, and comfortable, shared cooking and meals, cleaning duties and chores. I want a fireplace and skylights. Quiet and safe – a nurturing, restorative, easy place to call home.

The Berkeley Hills? Carmel? Monterey? The North Bay? San Francisco?

Where will my next home be?

I love being able to walk out my door for a run or  hike. I love hills and views. I love south facing windows and well-built homes.

I’m excited for the unfolding…  and look forward the change. Thank you!!!”

In July I actually moved. From The Shoebox to The Dream Boat. It’s not in Berkeley or the North Bay, San Francisco, Carmel or Monterey. It not in San Diego or any of the other places I thought I might land. It’s in Big Sur. Can you imagine?!!! Here I am… I had no idea!!! And its perfect!!!

The Dream Boat: On the coast with a peek of the ocean, walking distance to work, hills and views and hikes out my door. Gorgeous big windows. Many. Brilliant sunlight. Abundant. Open space. A lovely little kitchen and a perfectly petite bathtub. It boasts a superb sleeping loft. Cozy and spacious. There is giant redwood deck and earth just calling out to be planted. It is almost everything I asked for and more.

I love it!!! I’m still in disbelief that Big Sur is home. I wake every day in awe that this is where I live. Perfectly, exquisitely grateful for my current abode… I feel so blessed!!!

…Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…


Let the beauty you love be what you do.

~ Rumi

I’ve just returned from an amazing first weekend with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City!!! I’ve joined 1500 other like-minded people from around the world committed to improving the health and happiness of Americans which therefore radiates around the world.

Being healthy is NOT complicated!!!

IIN respects bio-individuality.

IIN remains neutral –  Different foods work for different people.

IIN promotes primary foods as well as edible foods.

Primary foods include the myriad ways we nourish ourselves – for example – relationships, work, intimacy, sexuality, love, spirituality, family, hobbies, etc…

IIN practices deconstructing cravings:

What is the underlying imbalance?

What is going on for me?

How is my body trying to recreate balance?

IIN values healthy, wholesome, fresh, preferrably organic foods.

Simple is best.

Cooking is an art form.

Food is for sharing.

How can your food nourish you and your relationships?

Treat everything like it matters.

Everything is an opportunity.

IIN offers excellent tools to provide wellness services for clients to recognize how food and lifestyle affect health, happiness and quality of life.

As a wellness coach I am excited to support you to identify and achieve your health and personal goals.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions…

Thank you!!!


As many of you know I have a love affair with the library and audiobooks. I check out bagfuls at a time and listen to them on my long drives. For the last several days I’ve been listening to Jane Fonda’s autobiography My Life So Far. Having grown up knowing her as aerobicizer – Queen of Leg Lifts. I was clueless to her activist history. She has lived a remarkable life, and as I continue to listen to the details, I admire many facets of her path, In particular, I am struck by her passion and involvement with the issues she believes in. I feel inspired to connect deeply with my values and I feel motivated to get involved, to volunteer and to speak up. Most of all listening to her autobiography makes me consider who I look up to, who and what I am inspired by and then who and how I might be inspiring to others…

Who are the role models and/or mentors in your life?

How are you a mentor/role model for others?

How are your choices affecting others? Is your lifestyle a life affirming model?

I was reading my friend Heidi’s blog last night and learned that she is practicing an extended plastic fast. Interesting concept, hey? She has committed to not eating anything that comes in either plastic or cans. Have you ever considered going through even a day sans plastic? Practically impossible. Now how about not buying anything that is composed of or contains plastic? A little easier, particularly if you were to practice my method in which I would just not buy anything that day. 😉 Would you consider a day in which you avoid anything that is packaged in plastic… Still challenging but a little more doable. Our current American lifestyles are RULED by plastic. What would your life be like if you were to commit to making choices to avoid plastic? Could you do it? For a day? A week? A year? A lifetime? Extreme to say the least. Undoubtedly time consuming. Would you be willing to eliminate certain plastics? Plastic drink bottles for example? Or plastic storage containers? Plastic bags per chance?

I can think of numerous plastic replacements – paper or reusable bags, glass storage containers, metal or glass drink bottles. But how do you buy food? Or drive a car? Options are limited when you rule out plastic. Driving is out of the question unless your car is more than 40 years old. And brushing your teeth? When was the last time you came across a non-plastic toothbrush?!

I am a proponent of balance and am not willing to leaving society to live a plastic free life. I am however interested to considermy choices and am willing to consciously make more of them non-plastic. I admire Heidi’s efforts to practice plastic and can-free food choices. Without significant preplanning it feels near impossible to me… But I’m up for making new choices! In how many ways can I eliminate plastic this week? In how many ways can you?

Where can you eliminate plastic from your life today? Can you choose non-plastic over plastic?

I have a new fetish: The blogs of Alex Beauchamp.

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Explorer, artist, lover of fine things… Each blog has a different angle while they all maintain a similar flavor.

Enjoy! 🙂


Kuan Yin – Goddess of Compassion – Friend to Mankind

This week has filled me with reminders of our essential creativity. Many demur they are not creative, however isn’t creativity the ultimate essence of life? Creation. In the hustle bustle of daily life, we often forget the magnitude with which creativity infuses our lives. We ARE creation. And every choice we make determines our masterful design.

Choices: Are you consciously designing you life? Or unconsciously defaulting?

This past year for me has been littered with weighty decisions that will affect my future into eternity. How do you cope with life altering decisions in your life? Do you approach them on the fly or do you delve in with deep thoughtfulness? Are your decisions rapid-fire or long and laborious? When you are at a cross-roads where each path leads a distinctively different direction how do you decide? Are you consciously creating your life?

It is a gift to know that I AM the Creative Director of my life. Yet, right now I am struggling with the what and where and how of it… The world is my canvas and am lost as to what color? what media? and where to place the next inclusion… ?