Cornerstone Wellness Center


There is a new wellness center in town. Have you heard of it? Cornerstone Wellness on Cass Street in Monterey. They have a well-rounded team of amazing local practitioners who offer a combination of massage and bodywork, skin care and waxing, stress management, strength training, regulation thermography and quantum biofeedback, among other things.


Jess, Dad and I have signed up with the fabulous Ulisses Jara for personal training. He is coaching us to build strength and flexibility. How do you take care of your body?


Simple movements done with intention and repetition are the right recipe for a power nap! 😉


Core building exercises – Something we can all benefit from!


I feel GREAT!!! 😀

How do you manage stress and practice wellness? Do you have a team of health practitioners to support you? What are your health priorities?  Have you looked into your community resources? Do you make time for self-care?